What is gelato?什么是gelato?

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What is gelato?什么是gelato?



Gelatocan be considered a complete food because within it there are used rawmaterials such as carbohydrates,fats, proteins and so on.


Gelatois mainly divided into three phases:        


1.Liquid phase 液体

2.Air phase气体

3.Solid phase.固体

Gelatois brought to a solid phase thanks to a specific machine called batch freezerwhere
the mixture is constantly moving and freezing during the production cycle.The continuous moving of the product
during the manufacturing process makessure that air is incorporated within it. Therefore the volume of
gelato willchange from the liquid to solid phase by increasing itself.
This factor iscalled overrun. The air content within
gelato varies depending on the batchfreezer but it does not exceed 30%.
The air allows us to have gelato with agood and smooth structurewithout creating an ice cube.



Gelatois famous all over the world and its customers include consumption for each agegroup.
In Italy for example, many people prefer to eat just a simple gelato
insteadof having dinner or a full meal – especially during
summer – because it isrefreshing and full of taste.

Thecraft of gelato is interesting and fun,
it allows you to unleash your personalcreativity to your final product
adding a taste of your own ideas according tothe customer requirements.

例如在意大利,许多人喜欢用冰淇淋,代替晚餐 - 特别是在夏天 - 因为它清爽美味。


Difference between Gelato and IceCream:


Itis absolutely necessary to specify the difference between gelato and ice cream.


Thereare two products that have a different manufacturing process and a differentshelf-life.
The creation of homemade gelato is made in a laboratory inside theshop,
it is produced using fresh products and it is sold the same day or thenext day.
During the processing phase of the batch freezer, the incorporatedair is lower than the ice cream.
Ice cream has got a quantity of air of 100%,it is high in fats and its
production is made by specific industrial machinery– volumes are much higher than gelato.
Ice cream has got a much longer shelf-lifethan gelato and once it is packaged and finished,
it is delivered directly tothe customer shop by a refrigerated car.


Havingtwo different products, homemade gelato needs to be stored and
sold in a showcasewith a temperature of -12 / -15 degrees, whereas industrial ice cream
must be storedin a showcase with a temperature of – 18/ -20 degrees.

两种不同的产品,意式手工冰淇淋需要存放在温度为12 / - 15度的展示柜内,
普通冰淇淋必须存放在温度为18 - 20度的展示柜内。


The main raw materials used in gelato are:


Milk, water, sugars, cream, stabilizers.

牛奶 水 糖 奶油 稳定剂

1.Milk, cream and sugars:牛奶糖 奶油

Nowadays on the market we can findmany types of milk,
whole milk, partly skimmed milk, skim milk, each of thesehas
got a different fat content. Whole milk, obtained by milking the cows,
is theone mainly used to make gelato. It has got a fat content of 3.5%
and it is constitutedby 87.5% of water. Even the cream like milk
got a fat intake that can vary. Thecream with 35% fat its mostly used for gelato.
It’s very important because itis rich in fat and it is constituted by 59% of water;
this factor helps us toincrease the fats in our gelato making our mix creamier.
The fat inside a milkgelato base ranges from 3-10%, while the sorbet (fruit gelato) instead
beingwater based are not made up of fats.


 The principal sugar used to makegelato and sorbet is called sucrose.
There are different types of sugars, each onewith specific functions.
The power of sugar must not be underestimated. In thecreation of our mixture,
each ingredient must have a precise dosage, otherwise,for example
in the case of a wrong dosage of the sugar sucrose, our gelato willspend not
only more time in the gelato machine but the structure of it will be softerand sweeter than usual.



The sorbet is composed of water,sugars and fruit, fruit flavor or both and of course
by the sorbet baseingredient. Using the fruit paste with the fresh fruit will increase the f
lavorand the color of it. The fruit choice for the composition of our sorbet
must bein season and fresh. Is it possible to use not only the fresh fruit
but we canchoose to use frozen fruit or fruit puree according to the season
wheresometimes a kind of fruit is difficult to find in the market.

sorbet 由水,糖和水果或水果酱制作而成,水果酱和当季水果混合,加上调味粉,

The demands on the part of ourbody vary according to the seasons.
The fat gives us a feeling of heat, makingit ideal for winter while the sourness
gives us a feeling of freshness, perfectfor summer time.













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